We are engaged in various areas of activity within the business of commodity trading. We strive to contribute to developing markets by integrating different types of services and operations in order to create value for all stakeholders. This includes:


Identifying and selecting diversified and reliable suppliers through our vast network of business partners is the first step to ensure the quality of our products and their timely delivery.


We employ novel business strategies and develop infallible marketing plans to make sure our customers’ needs are met, their risk eliminated as much as possible and their success and profitability is guaranteed.


The commodities markets are inherently volatile and successful trading in this environment not only requires access to up to date and credible data, but also the ability to analyse and use this data to make the best decision. With regards to this, our seasoned team of market analysts at Trust Oil help our customers to identify their needs, find the best solution to meet their needs in a timely and agile manner.


We have a unique delivery approach which sets us apart from our competitors. We are focused on quality, efficiency and in-time transportation of the products for our customers.