TRUST OIL TRADING L.L.C is a private trading firm established in 2020. The company started its activities with trading petroleum derivatives. Following a successful year of business growth and outstanding performance, we could expand the scope of our activities further and enter the minerals and metals industry as well by establishing a subsidiary. We named our mine and metals subsidiary Trust Metal through which we are mainly involved in trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Since the foundation of our group, we based our business approach on three main pillars, no matter what or where we trade, we always focus on:

  • Reliable sourcing
  • Safe and timely logistics
  • Building and maintaining sustainable relationships with both suppliers and customers

We ensure provision of quality services by combining our marketing knowledge, sourcing connections, advanced infrastructure, experienced team of traders in addition to our diversified presence in strategic locations across different regions.

As a trading firm, we also offer complementary services to create a holistic experience for our customers. This includes professional shipping and delivery services in which we put every effort into:

  • Meeting our customers’ needs fully

  • Mitigating their market risks
  • Providing timely and efficient shipping services
  • Time chartering vessels for safe product delivery

The MENA region and particularly the Gulf countries have been our birth place and will remain key strategic locations for us, however at Trust Oil we have extensive expansion to reach new markets in other parts of the world with East Asia being our next target. 
Trust Oil’s business strategy approach is based on “organic growth” according to which we constantly look for reliable and diversified sources of supply, focus on building and maintaining strong and durable relationship with our clients, and evaluating and improving our performance on a periodic basis. And above all, we value our people and our team more than anything, they remain at the heart of our business and support the lifetime success of our company.


To be a trustworthy and value-creating trading company.

While we are at core a trading firm focused on trading various petroleum, mineral and metal commodities, we do not limit ourselves to that only. We are well-aware of the complications and challenges of today’s business world. Surviving and thriving in this ever-changing environment requires us to consolidate the existence of our corporation based on trust and value creation.


A teamwork environment promotes a working atmosphere fostering friendship and loyalty. Effective collaboration not only benefits the organization but also results in increased job satisfaction and improved business results.
Thus we highly value teamwork and encourage developing a company culture based on cooperation and companionship.

We aim to leave a remarkable positive impression on the commodities market. As a result, we pay great attention to the impact of our activities.
We do this by bringing our best to work and meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We love what we do, we have a strong sense of belonging to our company and we feel committed to the people we serve.
The successful performance of our organization has been always fueled by the passionate contribution of our teams and their willingness to make a difference in the work they do.

Doing exactly what we say and saying what we do. Honouring our words enables us to create trust and maintain long-standing relationships with all stakeholders.


To play a significant role in development of commodities markets. 

At trust oil we try our best to facilitate the uninterrupted and smooth flow of highly sought-after commodities within the regions we work in. We are on a mission to provide our customers with the products human communities need to heat their homes, cook their food, keep their lights on and stay mobile and connected 24/7.